Hello 👋, I hope you are doing fantastic!

I am a Software Architect with over 15 years of hands-on experience with Product Development.

I have invested my time as an Individual Contributor and managing small to mid-size teams to deliver high-quality software on time.I have also consulted with startups to help choose the right technologies, hire great engineers, and organize product ideas into the roadmap and break them down all the way to sprint-level commitments with a clear definition of "Done."

I am obsessed about acquiring skills with intention to gain efficiency in the work I do and helping others around me!

I live in beautiful British Columbia and working remotely since 2017. I have worked and managed teams in multiple locations including New Zealand, United States, Canada, India and South America.

In my free time, I tinker with new technologies, sketching doodles, learning new business domains, reading books, cooking, and singing.






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